- Headlined Bristol acoustic music festival at St George's chapel....was great to finally play at such a nice-sounding venue!

- Recording a session for BBC Bristol radio which goes out on Sunday 26th May at 20:00.

- Playing at the Fleece at 3.30 as part of the brilliant Dot to Dot festival in Bristol.

- Playing with Joyce the Librarian at the Cube on Sunday 9th June.

-Tobacco Factory, Bristol - Sunday, around 2.30 - 22nd July

-Grounded Bedminster - Friday 29th July around 7.

-Thursday 2nd August at Grounded Redfield - part of Redfest

-Factoberfest at Tobacco Factory - 9th September

-Thursday 6th September at the Thunderbolt in Bristol from 8 (support from the Relay Rips)

-Friday 14th Sept at the Grainbarge in Bristol (supporting the Relay Rips!)

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