The Weary Band are a group of close friends who write, record and release their own music.

Tim and Alex met when they were about 17 at 6th-form college and spent most Friday nights drinking, indulging in ridiculous, mammoth jams and recording Tim's songs on a 4-track tape machine. 

In terms of recording technique, not much has changed, except that 4 tracks have now become 8, with almost all of the band's songs recorded on an old Otari 8-track desperately in need of a service (during the recording of Leaving the Country the machine had to be balanced on a stack of dictionaries to make the loud clicking sound stop). 

The band have undergone some changes in the last 10 years: starting life as 'Valley Forge' (named after a space ship in the film Silent Runnings), they originally played loud and fast and drew comparisons with Pavement, The Velvet Underground, The Pixies and The Cure. Tim has always written both alternative rock and more gentle acoustic songs and as these didn't seem to fit into the Valley Forge set, they decided to invent a folk group called The Weary Band. 

Often supporting themselves, the band played gigs around the country and abroad and now added comparisons with Elliott Smith, Nick Drake, Fairport Convention to the list. Garnering rave reviews for these gigs, they attracted media and record label attention and were a "buzz band" for a while with admirers including Gorwel Owen and Alun Llwyd (Super Furry Animals producer/ label founder), Andy Partridge (XTC) and Joe Boyd (producer).

The attention resulted in a chance to record with some producers in Liverpool; a record that took over two years and was never completed. Frustrated, the band decided to follow Alun Llywd's advice and keep doing their own thing. They built a ramshackle studio and started work on their first album, a collection of songs inspired by Tim's healthy hatred of office work called 'Office Doodles'. Learning how to record as they went, they finished and released the album and the result can be found here:

The Weary Band's follow-up album 'Leaving the Country' was recorded over 3 days at the family home of friend and collaborator, Beth Porter, in April 2011. Despite a crooked back and a creaking tape machine, the largely live album was finished and released on Tim's birthday:

Leaving the Country (released 26th February 2012)

We have just released our third album entitled 'You can get lost'. This is another mix of live-sounding and more produced songs written and recorded by the band. This one will soon be available on vinyl (hooray!) please contact us to reserve one of only 250 numbered copies.

You can get lost

The band are currently working on their fourth album entitled 'Serenity Mountain', due for release early in 2014. We aim to record an album of louder songs in the near future and are looking for a producer who might be interested in working with us on this.

Both Tim Weary and Philip Collings (as 'Dear Light') record and play solo material which can be found here:

Tim Weary

Dear Light

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