Monday, 24 March 2014

Chat/ feature with Sam Bonham on BBC Introducing In The West (BBC Radio Bristol) last weekend.

This Saturday, BBC Introducing In The West (Radio Bristol) featured a chat with our bass player Andy. Andy gave Sam Bonham from BBC Bristol a copy of our vinyl LP, "You Can Get Lost" (pictured above is Rick Thompson's photo of the vinyl LP in the USA). On the show, Sam played a track from both that LP & from the forthcoming one, "Serenity Mountain". We did a session with BBC Introducing In The West last summer & it was nice to be back on their show. Sam really likes our new album and played the track, "Just Because You Hate It",(we were going to leave this one off the album - lucky we didn't!). BBC Bristol bleeped out the word sh*t in the song with a frog croak!! Here's the link (for the next few days you can listen to the whole show via the BBC website - the feature is from approx 26 mins and 1hr 32 mins in the show).

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