Tuesday, 25 March 2014

New album release tomorrow !! & our previous LP (You Can Get Lost) now stocked on vinyl by these lovely record shops in Bristol, England & Atlanta, Georgia !!

We're really pretty excited to say that our new album, "Serenity Mountain" will be released tomorrow (26 March). Also, our previous LP, "You Can Get Lost" is available on ltd edition vinyl. Come tomorrow, we'll have released 2 albums within 9 months! Rise Records (Park Street) & Face The Dawn Records (Saint Nick's Market), both in Bristol, stock the vinyl LP of You Can Get Lost. So, if you want a copy & you happen to live in Bristol, you know where you can go!

Also, our bass player's lovely wife, Lori, was recently in Atlanta, Georgia (visiting family in the USA). Now we have Criminal Records in Little 5 Points, Atlanta stocking the LP for us. Here's a pic of Lori posing with the LP & with Lillian of Criminal Records (thanks, Lillian for stocking the LP!). We're really chuffed about how good the album sounds off vinyl & it's certainly a dream come true for us to have an actual proper LP record. If you don't live in Atlanta, or Bristol & you want to buy a copy, you can contact us via facebook / e-mail, or go to http://kingbillrecords.com/

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  1. Big thanks to t heir manager and staff! We were continually delighted by the cordiality and responsiveness of the staff, from the earliest planning stages through the actual day.